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Medstar was established in 1999 by Latini Group to provide the registry, importation, exportation and sale of ANVISA´s products (National Health Surveillance Agency), the Brazilian Army and the Civil and Federal Police, harbor and airports to companies with interest in distribution and trade in Brazil.

Strategically located in São Paulo, Medstar mainly develops importation activities and intermediation for the distribution of products through the integrated solutions to the process of packaging and storage, activities that provide us experience and domain process for international trade off Health Products, Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other segments of market with complete logistics management and regulatory support.

Medstar is a company licenced by ANVISA. Besides that we count on an agile system to request and delivery of letters to Importation’s Permit, guaranteed by contract.

In 2022, Medstar inaugurated its own quality control laboratory to serve all pharmaceutical companies that need legal representation in the Brazilian market. Click here to see more about our laboratory.

Brazil has one of the largest economies in the world, but it is still a developing country, offering great opportunities for investments, partnerships and trade.

The rate of ROI (return on investment) in Brazil is well paid with compensatory returns, increases the effectiveness of future programs and development programs increasingly aligned to business strategy. Count on whom might connect you business with the world, count on Medstar:

  • Services Direct data importations or on behalf of third parties, of classified goods of ANVISA (Food, Cosmetics, Medicines and Related), among other areas;
  • Exportation of classified goods of ANVISA (Food, Cosmetics, Medicines and Related), among other areas;
  • Internationalization and empowering start-ups in foreign trade;
  • Hiring and partnerships with freight forwarders, customs brokers, specialized carriers and specialized and warehouses licensed;
  • Optimization studies on modal logistics applications most suitable transport;
  • Calculations and feasibility studies of nationalization and distribution;
  • Negotiations and operations management from purchase to delivery at the final destination;
  • Distribution management and earnings in the Brazilian market;
  • Legal advice, regulatory and real estate in Brazil and abroad;
  • Consultancy in foreign trade and logistics;
  • Studies of fiscal and tax benefits and financing;
  • Access to innovative information technology, and insurance companies specialized in international operations;
  • Representation to all continents;
  • Participation in events and promotion agencies, and international business.